Max Loebman (guitar)  -  Max Goldstein (vox)  -  Stef Roti (drums)

Chicago Rock N Roll with a Touch of Soul
Yoko & the Oh No’s
 are a trio of young Chicagoans with a revved-up retro rock sound that blends spiky garage and vintage soul. Singer Max Goldstein, guitarist Max Loebman, and drummer Stef Roti all played together in an earlier incarnation called the New Originals before regrouping as the Oh No's to record their self-released, self-titled debut in early 2013. With Goldstein as their charismatic frontman, the band's energetic live shows and well-crafted record led to a deal with Autumn Tone Records, which reissued their debut in 2015. ~ Timothy Monger

 It doesn’t quite add up how a group this young managed to tap into a vibe this classic. At 16, Max L. recorded and produced the bands record in his childhood basement. The album is crammed with classic rock riffs and swinging beats. Dolled up in flashy get-ups, Max G.’s voice is a growly thing, emoting loosely and wildly. Listen to the crashing classic rock chorus of “Heart Attack,” the sneering “She Knows It,” and the distorted R&B groove of “Nobody Wants to Know

Yoko & the Oh No's are currently touring the country. Keep an eye out and be sure catch them in a city near you!